World Class Hockey Training designed by Graeme Townshend

Hockey Skills Director
Global Performance Academy intends to develop each individual's skills to their highest possible level. By promoting their strengths, correcting their weaknesses, and providing them with the specific mental and physical aspects needed to succeed to the fullest of their potential.

GPA's "Focused Training System" challenges players and always builds on fundamental concepts with an expectation of perfect execution. Graeme Townshend believes, "Hockey skills are most easily learned in small increments, a little bit at a time." Graeme's success comes from the belief that all drills should be taught in a building blocks format, adding, "Drills should always begin at slower speeds, in order for players to build confidence. Once the students master the independent techniques, the progression should be performed at full tempo to get maximum results."

Graeme has worked with over OVER 100 CURRENT NHL PLAYERS and dozens of collegiate players over his career. He is a World Class Hockey Trainer and an incredible asset to the GPA student athletes.

The Hockey platform combined with the STAR SYSTEM provides GPA student athletes an opportunity to develop key skills that build on fundamental concepts, while emphasizing perfection.

GPA Hockey focuses on:

GPA Hockey is committed to providing 500+ hours of "Focused Training" within each school year. We believe a highly skilled player can adapt to any system, and the key to success is a player's ability to create, react, and consistently perform at the