Myth #1

Students spend all day staring at a computer and don't interact with people.
Reality: Only about 30 percent of younger students are strictly online. The percentage is higher for high school students. The curriculum relies on some printed and/or hands-on materials, particularly in early grades. GPA students interact with their “In-Class Teachers”, their fellow students in online class sessions and clubs.

Myth #2

Students who attend online schools lack social skills.
Reality: Students are always very social and will be given opportunity to be kids. GPA’s Athletic Training and the opportunity to play for their own team will give them ability to gain valuable social skills. Additionally, GPA students will participate in many social and athletic outings throughout the year. These may include offline and online clubs, spelling bees, science fairs, trips to museums, zoos, Hockey games and training facilities and much more. Since students in online schools tend to have more flexible schedules, we have the opportunity to guide involvement in social and community activities and will have active engagement with the GPA Foundation.
In fact, a recent study showed that full-time online students are at least as—if not more—socialized than students in a traditional setting.

Myth #3

Online schools don't have to meet the same requirements as brick-and-mortar schools.
Reality: They do. GPA has partnered with leaders in the online schooling field and curriculum has been developed by experts to meet or exceed states' academic standards. GPA students can take standardized tests mandated by your state, just like students in brick-and-mortar schools. Students who graduate from the fully accredited full-time public or private schools receive a U.S. diploma that is accepted at universities in the U.S. and around the world.

Myth #4

Attending a school online is not challenging enough.
Reality: We have never heard the complaint that online programs are too easy! Partners have developed curriculum that is rigorous and appropriately challenging. You can expect that your child will spend a minimum of 4 hours per day on coursework and assignments. GPA’s Teachers will spend significant time each day supporting the child's education as needed.
All of GPA’s partners have programs that are rigorous, challenging, require independent, critical thinking, and good time management.

Myth #5

Students who graduate from online schools can't get into a good College.
Reality: Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, UC/Berkeley, Michigan... the list goes on. The fact is, online education is widely accepted and graduates have gone to hundreds of higher learning institutions. From Ivy League schools to the best state universities, from specialized schools of the arts such as Juilliard to demanding vocational programs, that meets their needs. The way we educate is changing, the masses will turn slower than those on the cutting edge, GPA intends to lead the pack, not follow.